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Welcome to SnugBus Library of marginally useful links. We post them as received from our riders but do not guarantee their usefulness for any particular purpose.
If you have a link that you think would be of interest please e-mail to admin at SnugBus dot com.
It will be added to the mix whenever we get around to it.

We do not need links to your favorite porn sites. Thanks!

SnugBus Links

1911 Discussion Forum
American Manufacturing - Gunsmith & Machine Shop Services - Silencers
Ammo Man - Your on-line source for ammo in the most popular calibers
Ammo Seek - Search Ammo by Caliber
Ammunition Reloading FAQ
Ammo Supply Warehouse - Ammo, magazines, tools, targets & more Discussion Forum
Black Book On-Line - Free Public Record Lookups
Canadian Gunnutz Forum
Craigs Helper - Search Craigslist
Deception & Disinformation
Distilling at home.
Downloadable Books Useful To Survivalists / Preppers.
FAL Files Discussion Forum
Family Friends & Firearms
Gun Deals on the Web - Rifles - Pistols - Uppers - Lowers - Parts & Accesories
FightLite Industries - Rifles - Pistols - Uppers - Lowers - Parts & Accesories
GunWriters on the web - superb mirror of a hard core finn site with data on near silent loading finns did for assassination
Home Distiller Forum
Hydro Print Services, Inc. - Specialty Printing - Gun Kote - Cerakote - Much More
Kill Some Time Here
Members of Congress
Link to downloads of many books & manuals
MGW - MidWest Gun Works - Firearms - Tools - Acessories - Clothing - Ammunition - Suppressors
M. J. TAGGART'S ARMS & AMMUNITION Since 1973. 07 FFL, 02 SOT. Trust & Form preparation services, Engraving & more
Moonshiners Club - Equipment and Recipes
Proxibid - Auction Website
Richard Nakka's rocketry website
Sturmgewehr Message Boards
Subguns Main Index
The High Road Discussion Board
The Homepower archives: Packed with nuts and bolts data on going off grid, decades of info.
The renowned Philip Luty's Web forum. This is a mirror, all sorts of home build weapons data
You Should Have Seen This
VITA Publications - Wind and water plants, sewage control, gardening, meat, preservation and much more

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